Bilingual Language School

Bilingual Language School teaches both English and Spanish.  Our English courses use the same curriculum as English Los Angeles which is our affiliate language school in Los Angeles, California.  Our Spanish coures use the same curriculum as our former Spanish only school in Puerto Vallarta, Spanish School Mexico.

Bilingual Language School

Aprende inglés

¡Aprende inglés rápido y fácil con Bilingual Language School!  Ofrecemos cursos de inglés grupales y privados para  inglés basic (A1), inglés básico alto (A2), intermedio (B1), intermedios alto (B2) y inglés avanzado (C1). También ofrecemos cursos de preparación para los exámenes TOEFL e IELTS.

Todos nuestros cursos de inglés incluyen 25 horas de tiempo de curso y un libro de texto. Todos nuestros profesores son profesores de inglés con educación universitaria y experiencia. Los cursos grupales están limitados a 8 estudiantes y tienen horarios de 5 semanas con clases los lunes, martes, miércoles y jueves. Los estudiantes con cursos privados presenciales pueden elegir sus propios horarios según la disponibilidad.

Costo del curso

  • Curso en grupo (5 semanas) – $3,000 pesos que incluye libro de texto
  • Curso Privado (3 -25 horas por semana) – $10,000 pesos que incluye libro de texto y el estudiante puede elegir horas según la disponibilidad del maestro
  • Agrega 500 pesos más para cursos de preparación para IELTS y TOEFL

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Learn Spanish

Learn Spanish fast and easy with Bilingual Language School!  We offer group, private, and online Spanish courses for beginner (A1), high-beginner (A2), intermediate (B1), upper-intermediate (B2), and advanced (C1) students.

All of our Spanish courses include 25-hours of course time and a textbook.  All of our teachers are college educated and experienced Spanish teachers who are bilingual and native Spanish speakers.  Group courses are liminted to 4-students and have 1-week and 3-week schedules.  Students with private in-person and online courses can choose their own schedules based on availability.

Whether you are coming to Puerto Vallarta for a vacation or you are in Puerto Vallarta for an extended period, we have the perfect Spanish class for you!  Our English speaking representatives in Puerto Vallarta are available to answer any of your questions.

Puerto Vallarta Romantic Zone

Spanish Course Options

We offer five course options:

1. Vacation Group Course Option

We offer vacation courses with two goals in mind.  First, we strive to provide our students with the best interactive Spanish classes available.  We want to make learning Spanish fun and easy.  Second, we want our students to make the most of their vacations.

To start the day, our students receive 5-hours of class time until early afternoon.  Then our students have the rest of their day to discover our beautiful area.   While on vacation, our students are able to simultaneously learn lots of Spanish and enjoy their Puerto Vallarta experiences. Class sizes are limited to 4 students to maximize student interaction time.

2. Resident Group Course Option

If you are fortunate to live in Puerto Vallarta for extended periods of time, we also offer slower pace resident courses.  Our classes are designed to provide our students with hours of opportunities to develop their speaking and listening skills.  During our interactive classes, our students also have the opportunity to improve their grammar and reading skills.  Class sizes are limited to 4 students to maximize student interaction time.

3. Private In-Person Course Option

Our private course option gives in person students the ability to make their own schedules.  Students can choose to meet their teacher two or three times per week.  Private course students can schedule from 4 to 10 hours of class per week.  Course length can vary between 3 to 6 weeks to complete a course.

4. Private Online Course Option

Thanks to the internet, our last course option is available to students anywhere.  Online students can schedule from 4 to 10 hours of class time per week.  We use the Zoom platform with visual aids.  Additionally, students in the United States receive the same textbooks that we use in our in-person courses in Puerto Vallarta.

5. Accelerated Course Option

This course is designed to teach students lots of Spanish over a 3-week period.  For beginner students, they will cover 3-levels of Spanish in 3-weeks (Beginner Spanish, High Beginner Spanish, Intermediate Spanish, and Upper Intermediate Spanish).  Likewise, our Accelerated Course can be adjusted for students who are at a higher level than Beginner Spanish.  For these students, they can start at a higher level in order to do Advanced Spanish material by the end of their course.  This option can be taught both in person and online.

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Spanish Course Flexibility

We make learning Spanish in Puerto Vallarta very convenient.  We use the same curriculum for each of our course options.  That means our students are able to maintain curriculum continuity if they choose to switch course options.

Puerto Vallarta Romantic Zone


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