Spanish Courses

Bilingual Spanish School offers interactive resident and vacation Spanish courses in Puerto Vallarta as well as online Spanish courses for students anywhere.  Our interactive classes provide hours of opportunity for students improve their speaking and listening skills.  Additionally, our students are also able to improve their grammar and reading skills during our interactive classes.  Our teachers are native Spanish speakers with years of experience teaching Spanish.  Also, see below why a student might choose a Spanish school and Spanish classes and learn Spanish in beautiful Puerto Vallarta.

Spanish Courses

Beginner Spanish (A1)

I’ve just started in Spanish, or I need to review the basics.

High Beginner Spanish (A2)

I had a Spanish class years ago, or I can communicate with the basics.

Intermediate Spanish (B1)

I know the basics but still struggle to use Spanish confidently in my everyday life.

Upper Intermediate Spanish (B2)

I speak confidently with everyday basic Spanish but my grammar and vocabulary needs work.

Advanced Spanish (C1, C2)

I´m already comfortable speaking Spanish, but I want to master the language.

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Spanish School in Puerto Vallarta

Why choose a Spanish school in Puerto Vallarta?  To start, Puerto Vallarta has a history of being ranked as on of the friendliest cities in the world.  Next, Puerto Vallarta is also one of the safest cities in Mexico.  Also, for foodies it ranks as the the 2nd best gastronomical city in all of Mexico only behind ginormous Mexico City.  Last, Puerto Vallarta has over 300 sunny days a year with incredible beaches and lots of ecotourism activities.

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Spanish Classes in Puerto Vallarta

Why take a Spanish course in Puerto Vallarta?  For several reasons!  First, our vacation courses finish in the early afternoon giving our students plenty of time to enjoy the rest of their days.  Second, your travel experience will be enhanced by being able to interact with the charming local people of Puerto Vallarta.  Third, why not learn the 2nd most spoken language in the world when measured by native speakers?  Fourth, the Spanish language has a bright future with growing demographics figures.  Fifth, Spanish is relatively easy to pick up with many of its words stemming from Latin like English and its also spelled phonetically.  Sixth, bilingual people have many advantages at the workplace and in their communities.

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Learn Spanish in Puerto Vallarta

Why learn Spanish in Puerto Vallarta with Spanish School Mexico?  Our classes intensive and interactive and they are designed to help students learn Spanish fast and easy.  With this format,  our students are able to learn substantial amounts of Spanish in short amounts of time.

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Spanish Courses

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Course Options

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Spanish Course Flexibility

We use the same curriculum for each of our course formats.  Our students are able to maintain curriculum continuity if they choose to switch course formats after completing a course.  (Group Course, Private In Person Course, Private Online Course).

Class Size Limitations

Our in-person group classes are limited to 6 students per class to maximize student interaction time.  Enrollment is limited.  We encourage students to enroll early to secure their places in upcoming classes.

Enrollment Steps

  1. Complete application.
  2. Receive email with payment method details.
  3. Pay for course.
  4. (Online Students – Receive textbook, teacher, and class information email.)
  5. Start course.

Application Fee

  • FREE

Book Fee

  • FREE (included in course cost)


Returning Student Discount:

  • $25 USD off next course

Private In Person 2nd Student in Group Discount:

  • 50% off course cost

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Spanish Instructional Videos

Our YouTube channel features 40 instructional videos to help beginner students get started learning Spanish.  Also, check out our Mexico travel videos which are bilingual and are designed to help students with their listening skills.

YouTube Channel

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