Our videos are designed to help Spanish student’s listening, speaking, and reading skills.  Our bilingual Mexican Travels videos focus on developing our student’s listening skills.  Our Learn Spanish videos use a PowerPoint format to grow student’s listening, speaking, and reading skills.  We hope you find our videos helpful and don´t forget to “like” our videos on YouTube and “subscribe” to our channel.

Mexico Travels

Our Mexico Travel videos are bilingual!  First, you will hear short commentaries in English from Mark.  Next, you will hear the same comments from Monserrat in Spanish.  Mark is from Los Angeles and Monserrat is a native Spanish speaker from Mexico.  Puerto Vallarta is now Mark and Monserrat´s home and they are also the owners of Spanish School Mexico.  We hope you find our video to be a helpful listening tool.  Our Mexico Travels video collection continues to grow.

Mexico Travels Videos



Chapala and Ajijic


Isla Mujeres

Playa del Carmen

Puerto Vallarta



Guadalajara Avenida Chapultepec

Guadalajara Downtown

Guadalajara Malls

Guadalajara Shopping Center

Guadalajara Tlaquepaque

Guadalajara Zapopan


Learn Spanish

Learn Spanish fast and easy with our free videos.  Our videos are designed for those who speak English and who want to learn Spanish quickly.  Our videos are not a substitute for our Spanish courses but many students have found them to be beneficial.

Playlist Lessons 1 – 5

Learn Spanish 1-5

Playlist Lessons 6 – 10

Learn Spanish 6-10

Playlist Lessons 11 – 15

Learn Spanish 11-15

Playlist Lessons 16 – 20

Learn Spanish 16-20

Playlist Lessons 21 – 25

Learn Spanish 21-25

Playlist Lessons 26 – 30

Learn Spanish 26-30

Playlist Lessons 31 – 35

Learn Spanish 31-35

Playlist Lessons 36 – 40

Learn Spanish 36-40

Learn Spanish Videos

Lesson 1        Lesson 2         Lesson 3         Lesson 4

Lesson 5        Lesson 6         Lesson 7         Lesson 8

Lesson 9        Lesson 10      Lesson 11      Lesson 12

Lesson 13     Lesson 14      Lesson 15      Lesson 16

Lesson 17     Lesson 18      Lesson 19      Lesson 20

Lesson 21     Lesson 22      Lesson 23      Lesson 24

Lesson 25     Lesson 26      Lesson 27      Lesson 28

Lesson 29     Lesson 30      Lesson 31      Lesson 32

Lesson 33     Lesson 34      Lesson 35      Lesson 36

Lesson 37     Lesson 38      Lesson 39      Lesson 40

Spanish Courses

Our team of experienced teachers are native Spanish speakers from beautiful Vallarta.  Our courses are available in small-group settings as both vacation and resident courses.  We have Spanish courses for all levels of students from beginner to advanced.  Also, we offer private 1-on-1 courses online with our teachers.  Our online students receive the same course book for home study and exercises as the students in Puerto Vallarta receive for their in-person courses.  For our student’s convenience, our three class formats use the same curriculum.  Our students can easily switch from one class format to another after completing a course.

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